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The purpose of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is to measure your ability to think systematically and to employ the verbal and mathematical skills that you have acquired throughout your years of schooling.

We help you to master the exam by reviewing all GMAT areas: essay writing, critical reasoning, reading comprehension, sentence correction, problem solving, and data sufficiency. You will also see an overview of the new GMAT format, tips and strategies to help you achieve your best score.

The test consists of two multiple-choice sections (Quantitative and Verbal) and an essay section called the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

The test format:

  • Quantitative Section:
    37 questions
    75 minutes
    Problem Solving Questions (approx. 24 Questions)
    Data Sufficiency Questions (approx. 13 Questions)
  • Verbal Section:
    41 questions
    75 minutes
    Reading Comprehension (approx. 14 Questions)
    Sentence Correction (approx. 13 Questions)
    Critical Reasoning (approx. 14 Questions)
Essay Questions (Analytical Writing Assessment):

The GMAT CAT begins with the two AWA questions. For each of these sections, you have thirty minutes to type an essay into the computer using a simple word-processing program. The essay sections are administered first, but the Quantitative and Verbal multiple-choice sections can appear in any order.

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