Programas Especiales

Academic Speaking

The aim of this course is to develop and improve your ability to communicate effectively in the following academic situations: a) getting information b) controlling a conversation in the classroom, c) making appointments d) participating in and leading group discussions, e) getting and receiving advice, f) giving presentations, and g) completing a group project.

The focus will be on identifying common strategies for each setting. The teacher will assist you with the linguistically and socially appropriate language for these strategies.

Academic Writing Essentials

At the university level, students are frequently asked to demonstrate knowledge through writing. This knowledge usually is based upon reading, understanding, and integrating text from a variety of sources, and then selecting and shaping the necessary information into a clearly written and well organized paper.

This course gives you practice to develop all these skills and strategies in English. Together as a class, you will study and write about topics from the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences.

Advanced Grammar

In this course advanced learners systematically explore major features of English grammar. You look at or listen to real data and use it to test and refine the grammar 'rules' you know and to develop a more complete and realistic picture of how English grammar works when people talk or write. By paying close attention to what people say and write in many situations, you get a much clearer picture of the connection between grammar, context of use, and intended meaning.

You practice grammar structures and experiment with them through various kinds of communication (in speaking and writing). The instructor will give feedback on whether your choice of grammar form gets your ideas and attitudes across clearly and appropriately. The instructor will correct errors or mistakes in their language performance.

Advanced Reading and Discussion

This course is designed to improve your reading skills and ability to participate in class discussions, as well as your appreciation for different styles of writing in English. You read one novel, a variety of American short stories, and several poems.

Student choice is central to this course: you select your own novel, design your own projects, and vote on which stories will be discussed in class. Students are encouraged to debate your personal interpretations as well as examine cross-cultural differences in all the class members' interpretations.

Conversational Strategies

This course aims to encourage a more spontaneous use of English in social and community settings by providing you with opportunities to interact in simulated and real conversational situations. You develop conversational skills and improve interactive listening through work in the following areas: conversational interactions, (starting a conversation, making small talk, continuing a conversation, and closing a conversation); interactive listening (clarifying or checking understanding, giving signals of attention or misunderstanding); relevant functional language (making invitations, complimenting, apologizing, agreeing and disagreeing); and telephone conversations.

Listening and Speaking in Business

The purpose of this course is to increase the speaking and listening skills of business students and professionals. You improve your ability to use spoken English fluently, accurately, and persuasively in a number of business situations, including business case analyses, problem-solving discussions, business meetings, and different types of public speaking.

You increase your listening comprehension and develop business vocabulary through listening to business news broadcasts and viewing televised case studies of American corporations. From time to time articles from The Wall Street Journal are read and discussed.

Listening to Lectures

The goal of this course is to develop the listening comprehension skills you need in order to understand academic lectures and the writing skills you need to take effective notes while listening to a lecture. In class and for homework, you listen to audiotaped lectures on topics of general interest, cross-cultural communication and language learning issues, and on subjects related to specific academic disciplines.

You work with the teacher to ensure that your notes reflect the essential content and organization of the lecture. This course is recommended for individuals who want to increase their comprehension of long, connected passages of spoken English presented in typical lecture style.

Issues in Business

This course strengthens your ability to read about themes such as corporate culture, management styles, technology in business, environmental issues, and global economics. It is of interest to people working in business and business students, who want to explore issues of constant importance. Specific reading skills and team discussions allow you to understand the content of articles more easily, and judge the validity of authors' arguments.

Vocabulary-building strategies will encourage you to learn and use more business-related words and expressions. Because of the difficulty of this course, normally only advanced students at are given places in this course.

News in English

The aim of this course is to increase your ability to comprehend and evaluate the news in American English. You are exposed to all forms of the media through which the news is reported, including: television, radio, newspapers, and news-related periodicals.

You increase your vocabulary and improve your reading and listening comprehension skills in general, and more specifically, in relation to current events. Furthermore, you become familiar with the role of the news media in American society. The course requires extensive reading, viewing television news and documentaries, and listening to news broadcasts.

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